Cracking Black Walnuts

Read my GRIT magazine article on breaking down the barriers to Black Walnuts by clicking the graphic below!

There are thousands of wonderful edible wild plants where I live here in Indiana but wild sources of starches can be a bit tricky to come by. Proteins, fruits, and vegetables are easy to find but the starches, not so much. Acorns can help… Read More

I know, I know. I never shut up about Mulberries.

Mulberries are one of my all time favorite fruits. They are amazingly nutritious, tasty and in no short supply. I recently had an article published on collecting mulberries in the print version of GRIT magazine. If you prefer, you can read the… Read More

Taking the Sting out of Nettles

For years I passed up stinging nettles when I would be out gathering spring greens. Though they are quite plentiful in my area, I always let them be. Shuddering from memories of my childhood summers, running through the woods and coming home… Read More

Discovering Indiana Paw Paws

A friend of mine and her husband recently acquired some acreage in rural Indiana and set out on the great adventure of discovering the bounty of the natural landscape of the land of which they were now the stewards. They’d heard of… Read More

Joe Steele, a Man of Morels

I have spent countless hours in the woods in search of this elusive beast we call the Morel mushroom. The coveted creme de la creme of wild fungi that seems to motivate people, who do not consider themselves foragers, to scour the… Read More

Kentucky Coffee Tree, a Mammoth Discovery

The Kentucky Coffee Tree (Gymnocladus dioicus) gets its common name from the discovery that an extremely convincing coffee-like beverage can be brewed from its roasted seeds. During the revolutionary and civil wars soldiers that were cut off from supply chains found comfort in… Read More

Wild Asparagus Out of Season

I am a drive by asparagus forager. I might make my way to gather it up on foot, but I typically spot it from the car, usually adult plants and almost always way out of season. My big brother, Kyle, taught me… Read More